Many years ago, carpet was one of the most popular flooring options out there for everywhere in a home. Homeowners would put carpet throughout their homes, and sometimes even in strange places like their bathrooms or kitchens. These days, this flooring material is a little bit less popular than it once was due to the resurgence of hardwood, vinyl, and tile options. Luckily, many carpet options that we carry are still viable for certain areas in your home and have been much improved since the time when carpet was extremely popular.

Once you have decided on some new carpet for your home, there are a few things that you must do. First, you must decide which areas you should avoid putting carpet in your home as well as the best places in your home for carpet. You should also choose the style of carpet that will best fit your home. Be sure to check out the multiple carpet style options we have including twist, texture, loop, and pattern. After you do all these things in preparation for your new carpet, you must figure out how to care for carpet. Here are our best how to care for carpet tips that will help you out!

How to care for carpet tips

Vacuum often (but do it correctly)

An easy answer to keeping your carpet clean would be to buy a vacuum. But as you are buying a vacuum, be sure to get one that will clean your carpet effectively. Generally, the cheapest possible vacuum is not a great investment and will likely not do everything that you need it to. Spending a little bit more on something that you will use very frequently will pay off in the end by helping your carpet last longer.

Once you have a great vacuum, make sure you are utilizing it often on your carpeted areas. Dirt and debris pile up quickly in carpet, and often you cannot even see them. A good idea would be to vacuum frequently used areas twice a week for maximum cleanliness. Be sure to set the height of your vacuum correctly depending on the type of carpet that you have. Make sure your vacuum filter is cleaned often so that it is effective in cleaning your carpets.

Clean accidents quickly and thoroughly

Whether you are single, have pets, or have a big family, accidents will happen. You are bound to spill something on your carpets at some point. One of our biggest how to care for carpet tips is to clean these accidents up quickly. If they are left sitting for more than a few minutes, they will seep deeper into your carpet and be that much harder to get out. Always keep carpet cleaning detergents on deck as these accidents could happen with increasing frequency as your family grows.

Minimize the time that shoes are on your carpet

After getting fresh carpet, one of the last things that you will want to do is walk all over it with your shoes. Shoes track in massive amounts of dirt from the outside world, which will get stuck in your carpet quite easily. You can combat the dirt from shoes by keeping a rough mat outside each entryway to your home, as well as a water-absorbent pad inside the home. Removing this dirt from your shoes will benefit your carpet in the long run and keep it beautiful for years.

Reorganize your furniture in carpeted areas

When you get new carpet in areas such as your family room or bedrooms, they are likely to get a lot of foot traffic. No matter what you do to prevent it, increased foot traffic will begin to wear your carpet down quite a bit. Another helpful tip for how to care for carpet is to reorganize your furniture in these common areas. By doing this, you will change the foot patterns in each room and allow the newer carpet to be walked on. This will promote even wear in all areas of the room and allow your carpet to age with grace and last as long as possible.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of reorganizing all of your heavy furniture, area rugs are not a bad alternative. When placed correctly, these rugs will take the brunt of foot traffic and will wear out instead of your carpet.