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Carpets breathe life to any room. This type of flooring brings warmth to any room, as well as transforms your space into a cozy area. It’s a great addition to your home.

Flooring Liquidator helps you find the perfect carpet for your humble abode. We have a variety of products in our selection, all available in different colors and sizes. Apart from our catalog of carpets, we offer professional carpet services in Utah. From installation to repairs, our team can do it for you.

A Variety of Carpets Available

The perfect carpet is within your reach when you shop at Flooring Liquidator. We have one of the largest inventories in the area. We carry a vast selection of carpets from popular brands such as Shaw Carpet, Mohawk Carpet, Carmel Carpet Mills, Kraus, and more.

Overwhelmed with your options? Don’t worry; our carpet experts can help you choose among different carpet types. Just let us know of your preferred style and the purpose of your carpet.

Our selection includes the following carpet types:


A lighthearted carpet trend, this carpet type is more relaxed but remains elegant in appearance and touch.


Shaw Carpeting Twist Texture GalleryMohawk Carpeting Twist Texture GalleryPhenix Carpeting Tailored Texture Gallery


If you’re a big fan of the velvety appearance and feel of smoothly cut yarns, this carpet type is for you.


Shaw Carpeting Texture GalleryMohawk Carpeting Texture GalleryPhenix Carpeting Casual Gallery


Our loop carpets are the modern interpretation of handcrafted styling.


Shaw Carpeting Loop Texture GalleryMohawk Carpeting Loop Texture GalleryPhenix Carpeting Casual Gallery


Cut and uncut loops create distinctive designs that add flair to any surface of your home.


Shaw Carpeting Pattern Texture GalleryMohawk Carpeting Pattern Texture GalleryPhenix Carpeting Pattern Texture Gallery

No One Cleans Carpets Better Than Us

We’ve heard of carpet cleaners who still use the old-fashioned scrub wand method. While there’s nothing wrong with trusted tradition, manually operated wands can only clean in two directions — back and forward. It’s impossible to achieve a full clean.

Flooring Liquidator does a better clean (and more!), thanks to our experience and modern carpet cleaning equipment. Our advanced methods ensure your carpets are 100 percent clean. Whether you have an antique silk carpet or a contemporary style rug, we know how to care for it.

Modern Living Room in Utah

Professional Carpet Installation Services

Don’t install your carpet on your own. Instead, have us do it for you. Apart from providing you with quality carpets, we specialize in professional carpet installation in Utah. We’ll remove old floors, move furniture, and replace trim for an additional yet affordable cost.

You have nothing to worry about when you work with us. We install carpets expertly, so your floors will look amazing and give long-term satisfaction. Trust our licensed and bonded carpet installers to meet your standards. If you have concerns with the installation, they are eager to help.

Modern Living Room in Utah

We Repair and Stretch, Too

Another convenience of hiring Flooring Liquidation is our professional repair services. Our technicians are artists when it comes to repairing worn-out or damaged carpets. Typical repairs include patches, seams, and power-stretching to remove ripples. This repair work prevents the ripples from damaging your carpet further.

In case of a flood, our team can also remove paddings, roll back the carpet, dry it, and disinfect it. Once the area is dry, we immediately replace the padding and re-install a carpet that looks good as new.

Modern bedroom in Utah

Why Work With Us

There are plenty of carpet companies out there; why should Flooring Liquidator be your top choice?


Superior Services

Our dedicated team will not only meet your carpeting needs with high-quality services but we’ll add a personal touch, too. We work closely with our clients to keep track of their requests. If you can’t find a particular color of carpet you like, we’ll search for you.


Experienced Team

Flooring Liquidator’s team of technicians are trained and offer courteous services. All of our technicians possess years of experience in professional carpet services. We work with independent sub-contractors who are passionate about serving clients well.

Transform your home’s look and improve its comfort at the same time. Get your carpets from Flooring Liquidator, a trusted provider of carpet services in Orem, Utah. Talk to our team today for more information on our products and services.


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