Taking Care of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is popular not only because of its versatility and affordability, but also for the fact that it easy to maintain. In this post, you are going to learn a couple of hints and tips on how to care for your vinyl flooring so that it stays healthy and beautiful for the longest time possible. In addition, you are also going to know several rooking cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid when cleaning your vinyl flooring.

Sweep Your Floor Regularly

Your vinyl floor will remain in mint condition for a long time if you sweep it often. In fact, you can sweep the floors at the end of the day to get rid of dust, crumbs from cooking and other particles. The process is very smooth and does not take long. You only need to sweep quickly to remove particles that can scratch the floors.

Vacuuming the Floor

When carrying out general and thorough cleaning, start with vacuuming the floor. However, first, switch off the beater bar and set your vacuum to the bare floor to make sure the machine glides on the floor swiftly and gently. Alternatively, you can use a broom to sweep through the floor before you start to mop.

Purchase the Right Cleaning Agent

While water and soap are fine for cleaning vinyl flooring, there are other cleaning solutions out there made specially to clean vinyl floor. Such cleaning agents have ingredients to make sure the floor lasts for a long time and retains its beauty for longer. Therefore, make sure you look for the right cleaning agent. Certain products may be too concentrated; read the instructions carefully and mix with water before you mop the floor.

Use the Right Mop

Before you mop the floor, ensure the mop you are using is in great shape. Check to confirm the sponge is in its original state and that it is clean. When you buy a new sponge for the mop, clean it first before you use it. You can also replace or clean a dirty sponge.

Mopping Your Floor

Mop your vinyl floor as you usually would mop a floor. However, do not pour a lot of liquid on the floor when wringing out the mop. Also, do not scrub the floor too hard as this may damage the floor.

Rinse and Dry Your Vinyl Floor

Depending on the kind of cleaning agent you are using, this step may or may not be necessary or not. Some cleaners can be left on the floor to dry, while others require you to rinse them off completely. Read the instructions carefully first so that you exactly what kind of cleaners you are using and how to apply them.

Vinyl Cleaning Don’ts

Vinyl floors are also sensitive to certain products that could easily break or damage the floor. So, do not clean the floor with the following:

  • Oil-based products
  • Steam cleaners
  • Acetone or Solvents
  • Abrasive powders
  • Black soap
  • Wax or varnish