If the new floor trends have not captured you, get ready to be excited about the vast possibilities of vinyl wood flooring! When it comes to affordability, functionality, and style, vinyl wood flooring seems to have it all. The best part is that it is difficult to tell the difference between vinyl wood floors and real wood flooring.

Are you uncertain of the areas in which you can use vinyl wood flooring? Here are four ideas that will convince you that vinyl wood flooring is worth the investment:

1. A Sophisticated Master Suite

You can easily achieve a luxurious and serene master suite by choosing dark-wood flooring or any other look you prefer. In fact, you can extend your flooring into the bathroom since vinyl wood flooring is not prone to dents, scratches or stains. You don’t have to worry about water spills and moisture. Vinyl wood is completely waterproof and moisture resistant.

2. Great for Your Craft Space

Vinyl wood flooring is the perfect option to complete your craft room or home office. Actually, it’s better because this flooring is easy to install and maintain. You only need to sweep or use a damp mop after you have finished working.

3. Complementing Your Décor

With the wide range of vinyl wood flooring in the market, you can get the perfect floor that complements your décor. Vinyl wood flooring ranges from light to dark colors that can be found in a variety of realistic wood grains. Also, you’ll be impressed with the variety of design options. For example, you can lay the wood planks in a parquet or herringbone pattern.

4. Perfect for Your Kitchen Area

Your kitchen is one of the areas that have heavy foot traffic. Often, the challenge is to find the right type of flooring to withstand spills, dragging of chairs, muddy boots, and dropped pans.

Durable, Cost-Effective, Low-Maintenance Vinyl Wood Floors

There is no room where you cannot apply vinyl wood flooring, from the kitchen to the bedroom and the bathrooms.

Luckily, vinyl wood floors can be perfect for handling challenges, since they are durable and resist scratching and marring. If you have kids or pets, you can be sure your vinyl wood flooring will reduce noise. Additionally, you can easily clean food and water spills. If necessary, you can replace the damaged wood planks and install new ones.

Forget about the ugly vinyl floors of the past! Over the years there have been a number of advancements in manufacturing vinyl flooring. Today, you can get attractive, durable, water- and stain-resistant vinyl wood flooring at an affordable price.